System Solutions

Stratex provides integrated solutions that are highly reliable, flexible and scalable. The integrated systems we design will automate your facility management and bring cost-savings to your operation.

Access Control
Our systems can start small and grow from a few doors at one location to hundreds throughout a campus, or distributed across cities or states. Whether you have dozens of cardholders or hundreds of thousands, Stratex application software with a standard graphical user interface requires only basic PC skills for administration.

We offer a variety of card technologies, keypads and biometric readers. Our open architecture provides flexibility to address high security and possible ADA handicap requirements, in addition to standard application needs.

These systems can be upgraded and will integrate with other systems like CCTV. Database information can be shared with other departments, like Human Resources, maximizing the ability to exchange information, streamlining your operations and processes.

Video Surveillance
Stratex video surveillance solutions include basic on-site closed-circuit video systems for one facility or systems with remote administration capability used to protect a campus or multiple sites. Current technology of cameras and digital recording systems eliminate the need to visit remote sites. Live or recorded information can be retrieved from a central location.

"Digital technology" is advancing rapidly. Stratex offers a robust digital-based solution that is highly reliable, flexible and "easy" to upgrade. This enables the system to take advantage of continual advances in large hard-drive capacities protecting your investment.

Our video surveillance solutions offer high quality images and the ability to record video and capture any related text information, like transaction receipts.

Proper design is key when determining intrusion protection for your facility. Stratex will design, install and service internal, external and perimeter intrusion detection systems. These systems can be standalone or part of an access control or video surveillance solution.

As part of the complete solution, we offer continuous alarm monitoring at a fully certified Central Station servicing Southern California for the past 25 years.

Fire Life Safety
We handle the entire process, including conceptual design, plan check approval and successful passing of life safety inspections. Stratex is sensitive to the importance of meeting building occupancy on time, so you don't experience significant revenue losses because of missed project deadlines.

All STRATEX life safety related products come equipped with the appropriate certifications to comply with California Marshal and local jurisdiction requirements.

Environmental Security
World events have heightened the responsibility of security and facility managers nationwide. In response Stratex Integrated Solutions has teamed with leading manufacturers to bring a new level of facility protection that extend the boundaries of traditional security management. Stratex Integrated Solutions offers increased levels of automated detection of threats such as intrusion of unauthorized vehicles, toxic chemicals, explosives, and smoke to security systems via a simple easy-to-use Graphical User Interface.

  • Unauthorized Vehicle Detection an intelligent processor (not motion based) and camera system designed to inform you of unauthorized parking and driving patterns
  • Chemical Detection small and portable, this technology can detect up to 1,000 chemical compounds and gases, including narcotic, explosive and warfare agents
  • Visual Smoke Detection a powerful video based system detecting the presence of smoke, indoor or outdoor, in advance of traditional smoke and heat detectors
  • Interoperable Platform allows integration between different systems into one easy-to-use Graphical User Interface

Stratex is dedicated to introducing and bringing you new solutions. We deliver new technology solutions that can immediately increase your level of protection.

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